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What To Expect

My job is to provide a safe space, both mentally and physically for a pilates workout. When working online, I’ll be watching you like a hawk for body alignment, technique, and progress in strength, stamina, mobility and flexibility. I’m there to offer you encouragement in class, and provide context to movements so you can take the body awareness that you learn in class to help with your sport performance or your everyday activities. 

Sophie Pilatestar

Online or Face to Face?


I do all my group face to face classes in the Dulwich area, I’ve separated these from this website you’ll find them under  I wanted to encourage people back to practising in person because after lockdown, everyone needed to get out and start making connections again. I’ve tried my best to create a real community for this purpose.


However, I know that many of you have demanding lives, commuting for work, juggling work with kids, work and your other interests, so zoom classes are for you.  


If you’ve never done pilates before I’d always recommend that you start with 1 to 2 private sessions,  so as to keep you safe when you’re in a group environment.

When can you expect to feel results?


Very much depends on where your strengths and weaknesses lie.  And how often you practise the pilates movements in between classes.


If you have a mild shoulder restriction, you will feel different within approx 6 weeks.


If you have a weak core, you’ll feel a difference after 10 weeks, but a significant difference might take up to 6 months or more.

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