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Classes can be booked and paid for online via the website


Your teacher will be online 5 minutes prior to the class start time.  If you have any questions or concerns, you can raise them with her then.


The teacher will instigate a recording which you need to confirm on your laptop/tablet/mobile.  The recording is of the performance of the teacher alone and will not include any questions at the beginning of class.  Each live class recording will be available for a period of 48 hours, for those who have paid for the session.


If you’re more than 10 minutes late for class, you won’t be permitted to join the class.  This is to avoid risk of injury as you will have missed the warm up.  

Late arrivals and No Shows will be charged in full.  However, you will be provided with a recording of the class for a period of 48 hours.

If you have issues with accessing zoom, then please message Pilatestar on the Whatsapp contact number.  


This will only occur due to sickness, or booked holidays where there is no Wifi!  The teacher will notify you well in advance of any booked holiday.  Although unlikely, Pilatestar reserves the right to change teachers at any given time without notifying the client.


Please inform Pilatestar if you’re unable to attend your session, via text message or WhatsApp to 07799 358 771.  Emails are not always picked up on time.

Whether you’ve paid for a drop-in session or a price plan, to cancel or reschedule a class, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance of your class start time  - Any cancellation outside this window will result in a missed session.

Meaning if you cancel a group session within the 24 hour window you will be charged in full.

If you cancel over the 24 hour window, Pilatestar unfortunately can’t offer refunds, but you can swap your class for another one within 7 days of your class i.e. you can cancel Wednesday evening session, and reschedule for Thursday evening session.    

Cancellation policy is 48 hours for 121 sessions.  If you cancel within 48 hours, you will lose your 50% deposit.  However, if over the 48 hour window, you will receive a full refund, or you can reschedule it within 2 weeks of the session time.

If you need to cancel due to sickness, the same rules apply.  Pilatestar can’t offer a refund, but you can swap your class for another one within 7 days of your missed class..  Last minute cancellations will have to be charged in full.  

If you need to cancel due to longer term medical reasons, or physical injury, it is important that before returning to class, you have confirmation from your health care professional or consultant to say that it is safe to continue to exercise.    

If you know you have an existing medical condition and are undergoing treatment with another clinician, please make arrangements for Pilatestar to be in contact with them.


This same policy applies to No Shows.



Unfortunately Pilatestar can't offer refunds for missed classes, regardless of whether you've chosen a price plan or booked a drop-in session.

Therefore there are no refunds for cancellations made within 24 hours, you will be charged in full.

Cancellations made over 24 hours means that Pilatestar can swap your class for another one within 7 days of your class i.e. you can cancel Wednesday evening session, and reschedule for Thursday evening session.  

If you are unable to attend classes in a price plan, due to longer term medical reasons, or physical injury, please email Pilatestar about how long the recovery period is likely to be. We can then organise a refund for the remaining classes. Please still provide 24 hours notice prior to the first class you will have to miss.

Price plans run from your chosen start date for one calendar month.  Subscriptions to the price plan can be cancelled at any time, but you’ll continue to receive recordings up until the end of the month. 

You will lose your 50% deposit for private 121 sessions cancelled less than 48 hours prior to start time.  If you provide over 48 hours notice, the deposit will be refunded in full, or, if you prefer, we can reschedule the session within 2 weeks, depending on availability.  Please try to avoid changing your time once confirmed, as it can be disruptive to other individual time slots that are booked during that day.



Unfortunately Pilatestar is unable to offer refunds if Zoom malfunctions.  If the malfunction is the fault of Pilatestar’s hardware equipment, then we can either reschedule another class for you, or provide a full refund for the class.

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