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About Owner

I’m Sophie.  I'm a Body Control Pilates Teacher, Back4Good® Practitioner & Bone Health Specialist.  I have a keen interest in working with people who love their sport...

Tennis serve

I spent around 10 years ferrying my son around to tennis clubs and tournaments, as he was a performance tennis player. My partner is a tennis coach, a personal trainer and an avid weightlifter.

This is why I became interested in working with people who like to do sports as a hobby. I’m currently working with those who like to play tennis, lift weights, run, complete challenges and play golf. Tennis players and golfers both have to master specific, technical strokes which put a lot of strain on the shoulder and hip joints, and of course the spine. Pilates can help you to improve your game performance, prevent you from injury and reduce stiffness and soreness post game. It can help you to re-establish your core strength, build flexibility and stamina and reduce after game soreness.  Your sport and Pilates is a great combo!

Back4Good Logo

As well as being keen to work with those who like to keep active, I also have an interest in low back pain. Partly due to my own issues with hip and back pain, obtained from The Three Peaks challenge when I turned 40yrs, I decided to qualify as a Back4Good® practitioner.


It’s interesting that the pain is not necessarily the fault of your spine, but possibly restrictions in your other main joints, lack of core strength, or a lack of awareness of habitual movements that cause the aches.

As a Back4Good® practitioner I can liaise with your GP or consultant to facilitate your referral and plan the best programme for you.

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