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10 minute workouts

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General Plan, £20.00/year


Why did I choose 15 workouts? (1 bonus video included) case you'd like to challenge yourself to 10 minutes of pilates every other day for 30 days, ideally on top of your current sports activity. If challenges aren't your thing though, just pick and choose which workouts you want to do, in any order, depending on what your body needs that day or week. Make pilates part of your exercise regime, it only needs to take 10 minutes! Train in the comfort of your home. Only equipment required is a medium tension resistance band. Weights are optional. ● Beginner-intermediate level ● 16 x 10 mins exclusive guided video classes ● 10 minutes workouts which can be done in any order ● Only medium tension resistance band required This course helps with: ● stiffness and soreness pre or post sports activities ● preventing injury by building and strengthening muscles around all joints ● reducing stress/cortisol levels ● hip / pelvic pain ● lower back pain ● shoulder pain ● posture issues ● reduce symptoms of tennis elbow ● reduce symptoms of golfers elbow ● joint pain / arthritis

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