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Pilates for Golfers


Golfer's Plan, £30.00/year


In addition to playing golf, try to integrate these warm ups, which are specifically for the golfer, into your exercise regime (or use the warm ups to move those stiff joints after play). Adding 2-3 short sessions of pilates per week, will really start to make a difference to your performance! The warm ups focus on the neck and back, shoulders and hips. However, there are a couple of all over body warm ups too. To further your pilates practice, you can use a couple of the workouts to help build endurance and strength in the shoulders and hips, plus all over body workouts and spinal workouts which will reduce soreness and stiffness and hopefully reduce the chance of injury. Train in the comfort of your home. The only equipment required is a medium tension resistance band. Weights are optional. Overball is optional (rolled up towel can be used instead). ● Beginner-intermediate level ● 12 guided video classes, all different lengths. Totalling to around 4.5 hours of course time. ● Try to do the warm up sessions every other a day if feasible, or at least twice per week. ● Only medium tension resistance band required. Weights and overball are optional. This course helps with: ● stiffness and soreness pre or post golf ● preventing injury by building and strengthening muscles around all joints ● hip / pelvic pain ● lower back pain ● shoulder pain ● posture issues ● reduce symptoms of golfers elbow ● joint pain / arthritis ● reducing stress/cortisol levels

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